About Unii

Unii is a global educational platform that empowers families to achieve their full potential by providing personalised and evidence-based education on family wellbeing.

Because Family Matters
At Unii, we believe that strong and healthy families are the cornerstone of a prosperous society. We are committed to supporting families worldwide by providing expert guidance and resources that they can trust.
Our Mission
"To empower the world's wellbeing through personalised education.”
Make it Fun
We believe that learning should be enjoyable and engaging. That's why we offer a range of fun and interactive programs, including online courses, workshops, and webinars that cater to individual needs.
Join the Unii Family
We invite you to join us in our mission to empower families and make a real difference in the world. Whether you're a parent seeking knowledge or a professional looking to share your expertise, together we can create a world where families thrive and reach their full potential.