Why is handwashing important for my preschooler?

Why is handwashing important for my preschooler? For adults and teenagers, handwashing is a regular ritual that is so built into our daily lives that we don't really give it a second thought. Whether we've just handled raw meat, used the bathroom, or have cleaned the cat's litter, it's a given ...
5 mins read

When should my baby have their first bath?

By now you'll very likely have been talked through the whole birthing process, if not by a medical professional, then by family and friends – all excited to be involved and share their own experiences. But what might not come up so often is whether or not to bathe your baby upon their arrival and...
3 mins read

What kind of baths should my baby have, and how frequent?

Looking back on the family photograph albums from when you were a baby, we all know the ones your older relatives would have swooned over the most: the adorable snaps of you and your sibling covered in shampoo, and fighting over a little rubber duck while sharing a bubble bath!But now you're a paren...
4 mins read