Which finger foods should I give my baby?

When you're sitting at the kitchen table with your tiny tot, you notice them reaching out and grabbing at your plate, as though desperate to try the many foods on your plate. And this gets you thinking, is my baby ready to feed themselves some tasty finger foods?When can my baby start eating finger...
3 mins read

What foods shouldn't my baby eat?

As you sit there breastfeeding, staring lovingly into your baby's eyes, you can't believe how quickly they are changing. New facial expressions, new sounds, and now they are starting to explore other tastes and textures aside from breast milk. You've heard from different sources about what's not sui...
3 mins read

Can my baby sleep with a weighted blanket or stuffed animal?

There's nothing more heartwarming than watching your little baby tucked up in a cosy blanket or snuggled up to their favourite stuffed animal, sleeping peacefully. Every time you go shopping in cute little baby shops, your eyes light up when you see anything soft and fluffy, imagining your little on...
2 mins read