Is it safe to pierce my baby's ears?

Your family has been getting their ears pierced at a young age for a long time. In fact, it's become somewhat of a tradition, and it's one you want to uphold with your own baby. But before you book an appointment, you've decided you want to do a little more research, to find out how old your child n...
3 mins read

Can my baby get thrush from breastfeeding?

Before you had your baby boy, you never considered that you might run into problems regarding breastfeeding. You were too busy buying all the baby equipment and accessories, and preparing a birth plan to consider questions such as, what if my baby can't latch on? What if I can't develop enough milk?...
5 mins read

Are antibiotics safe for babies?

Every parent will know that there's nothing worse than seeing your little one suffer from some type of illness. Whether it's a cough, cold, or stomach bug, all we want is for them to feel better and see that gorgeous little smile appear on their little face once again. However, as horrible as it is ...
4 mins read