What do I need to know and do about night terrors?

Your little one often has trouble falling asleep, so tonight you're lying beside them until they drift off. But all of a sudden, they cry out and their eyes jerk open. They begin to thrash their arms and legs about, and their breath sounds very heavy. Naturally, you're frightened. You try ...
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What do I need to look out for with nappies and washing my newborn? (Week 2)

It's now the third week of your newborn baby's life, and although she's still so tiny and so young, you already feel like you've known each other for a lifetime
6 mins read

What do I need to look out for with nappies and washing my newborn? (Week 1)

When you found out you were going to have a baby, it was the little things that you were slightly apprehensive about. Since this was going to be your first time as a parent, you questioned things like, will I know what to do in an emergency?, am I going to know how to hold my baby properly? and, wi...
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Common symptoms that look serious, but are nothing to worry about

Unlike some of your friends, you've never been much of a hypochondriac. While you know that finding the odd spot or mole can send some people into a flight of panic, you've always been more of the ‘brush it off' type. “It's probably nothing” you'll think, and move on with your day.That was unt...
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What are some common physical worries?

You're settling your baby down for the night, and giving them one last feed in the process. But a few minutes into cradling them, feeding them, and stroking their head, you suddenly notice a red rash that has appeared around their neck. At first, you gasp in horror and think that something awful may...
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Is it safe to use baby powder?

After finishing your lunch, you go to put your little one down for their afternoon nap. However, they soon begin crying their eyes out, which likely means that they need their nappy changing.Holding them close, you head into their bedroom, lay them down on the changing table and pause for a moment t...
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