What can I do if my child is overreacting to small injuries and illnesses?

 You're strolling alongside your child on a warm, sunny summer's day. Suddenly, your child trips. Oh no! A silence fills the air, as you know what's coming next. They scream and start crying. When you bend down to cuddle them, they're still crying. When you give them some cream for their graze, ...
6 mins read

When should my baby start rolling over?

Right up until your baby reached their first birthday, you would spend hours gazing at him while he lay wide awake in his cot, just waiting for him to fall asleep. And he would stare back at you, with a little smile that said “I'm going to keep you awake all night!”. Your partner would tell you...
4 mins read

Is screen time good or bad for my baby?

As you sit on the sofa, scrolling through the TV guide, you notice that you aren't the only one looking at the big, bright screen. Your little one, who you thought was asleep, is staring with a rare concentration at the colourful images that flash by, almost as though mesmerised. While most of the t...
6 mins read