How can I help my child enjoy special occasions?

For humans, the everyday routine of life keeps us settled and grounded. We know where we are with routine, we know how to organise the lives of ourselves and those of our children. But despite routine being so necessary, having special, exciting events where we can let go and do something ...
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Why is a consistent bedtime routine so important?

 For many parents, getting their child ready and into bed is the most difficult part of the day. All we want is for our kids to brush their teeth, don their pyjamas, climb into bed, and gradually drift off into a peaceful sleep. And what do we get? Arguments, tantrums, and a small child full ...
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My child makes us late for everything! How can I change their behaviour?

 It's Monday, the start of a new week! However, you wake up with a sense of dread. You know your child is going to spend some time getting up and then getting changed. They're going to take a long time to eat breakfast and even longer to finally get out of the house. This is a routine occurrence...
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How do I get my 1 - 2 year old to sleep?

How do I get my 1 - 2-year-old to sleep?Just when you thought your little one's sleep problems were over, they've started waking up through the night again, as frequently as they did when they were a newborn! You and your family were finally waking up rested, and now, you're all exhausted again! Wha...
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How do I introduce healthy snacking into my child’s routine?,least%2520two%2520snacks%2520a%2520day&sa=D&source=docs&ust=1644597069294045&usg=AOvVaw2eSw4f7dhmiIfh...
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What are some protein food sources for my preschooler?

Protein is essential for your child's diet - that part we're sure you'll know well! Iron, zinc, Omega-3, Vitamins B and D can all be found in protein-rich foods, and help your body to function. However, knowing how to include it into their everyday routine is another story. Therefore, it's time to d...
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How do I take care of my 2 - 3-year-old's teeth?

Parents, we know there's no better feeling than seeing your little one break into a beaming smile and show their tiny pearly whites. However, while taking care of our own dental health is like second nature, and just part of our daily routine, the same can't be said for our toddlers. At this age, ch...
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Should I breastfeed in public?

When your baby first arrives, you will likely spend most of your time at home, getting used to the new routine – a routine of intermittent sleep, and lots of breastfeeding. And initially, the idea of feeding in front of others and when you're out and about might be a little daunting. But as y...
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What do I need to look out for with nappies and washing my newborn? (Week 3)

By now, you'll be well used to changing nappies
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What does breastfeeding my newborn look like? (Week 1)

At this stage, despite the sleepless nights and smelly nappies, you'll be getting into some sort of a routine, and breastfeeding will be a huge part of that routine. In fact, it may feel as though all you really do these days is breastfeed – first thing in the morning, all throughout the day, last...
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