When can my baby sleep on their stomach?

When your baby was still very young, just a month or two old, you were no doubt very careful to lay them down on their back once bed and nap time came around, having heard that this helps to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). But recently, despite having put them down on their b...
4 mins read

Should I feed on-demand or to a schedule?

During the first few months, it might well seem that your baby is hungry all of the time, despite the fact that they have a tiny belly. But having a tiny stomach actually means that they need to eat more often, and with lots of growing to do, it's really no surprise that most of the time they're eit...
3 mins read

Are antibiotics safe for babies?

Every parent will know that there's nothing worse than seeing your little one suffer from some type of illness. Whether it's a cough, cold, or stomach bug, all we want is for them to feel better and see that gorgeous little smile appear on their little face once again. However, as horrible as it is ...
4 mins read