Can babies be born with teeth?

Your little one has finally arrived after an exciting but exhausting 9 months, and they couldn't be more perfect! They have beautiful eyes, a tiny nose and little fingers that wrap and curl around your thumb. But on closer inspection, you notice something else, something you weren't quite expecting ...
2 mins read

When do babies get their first tooth?

Over the last couple of weeks, you've been going through what seems like hundreds of muslin cloths and baby t-shirts. Of course, you're not throwing them away, simply popping them in the washing machine, but it is filling at a ridiculous rate. And why? Because your baby is drooling all over the plac...
3 mins read

How do I look after my baby’s teeth?

How do I look after my baby's teeth?It's the middle of the night, and you're off in a distant land of your own imagination, fast asleep under the soft covers.That is until you hear a piercing scream, followed by what sounds like extremely distressed wailing.Startled, you sit up in bed. It's your bab...
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