What do I need to know about vaginal bleeding in pregnancy?

It can be daunting to see a few drops of blood in your underwear or on some toilet tissue after you've wiped. It's easy to think the worst and worry that something might be wrong.Experiencing light bleeding or spotting is a relatively common occurrence during pregnancy and is usually nothing to ...
3 mins read

Bleeding gums in pregnancy

Are bleeding gums normal in pregnancy?While most mothers come to expect morning sickness and fatigue during pregnancy, they may not be prepared for sore and bleeding gums. Now, that's not to say that swollen gums are a given for pregnant women. In fact, many women will see no change in their gums...
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What to do if my baby bumps their head?

How will I know if my baby has bumped their head, what are the symptoms?As a new mum, you've got a lot on your plate. One moment you're preparing formula and pumping breast milk, the next you're changing a dirty nappy or rocking your baby to sleep. And as you're so busy multi-tasking, you're startin...
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