What to do if my baby bumps their head?

How will I know if my baby has bumped their head, what are the symptoms?As a new mum, you've got a lot on your plate. One moment you're preparing formula and pumping breast milk, the next you're changing a dirty nappy or rocking your baby to sleep. And as you're so busy multi-tasking, you're startin...
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What do I need to look out for with nappies and washing my newborn? (Week 2)

It's now the third week of your newborn baby's life, and although she's still so tiny and so young, you already feel like you've known each other for a lifetime
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How do I change a nappy?

You've officially been a parent for a week, and you and your partner are completely, utterly besotted with your brand new, wide-eyed bundle of joy. However, although you're still completely immersed in your own little bubble of happiness, there are certain aspects of being a new parent that you...
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What do I need to look out for with nappies and washing my newborn? (Week 1)

When you found out you were going to have a baby, it was the little things that you were slightly apprehensive about. Since this was going to be your first time as a parent, you questioned things like, will I know what to do in an emergency?, am I going to know how to hold my baby properly? and, wi...
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What to do if my baby hasn't pooped for 3 days?

During their first few weeks in this world, your baby was a pooper trooper, getting through 11 or so nappies a day! But recently, their pooping has slowed down rather a lot, and now it can take up to three whole days before they fill their nappy. Yes, this means you have to deal with fewer smelly n...
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What things can I try with my crying baby?

Your poor baby has been crying all day and you're just not sure what can be done to stop the constant tears. You've changed their nappy so they're nice and clean, and they've eaten plenty. They don't seem to be in any pain, you've tried to burp them and they've already had two long naps. You try all...
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What are the developmental milestones for the 1st month?

Given that they spend most of their time sleeping, feeding, filling their nappy and crying, it's easy to miss the many milestones your newborn achieves over their very first month. But if you know what to look out for, you'll find they actually learn and develop a great deal!But are they developing ...
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What do I need to look out for with nappies and washing my newborn? (Week 0)

There's very little in life that's more exciting than the birth of a baby, especially when it's your own! You'll be excited to see their sweet little face, to cuddle them and kiss them, feed and hug them, and of course, introduce them to your friends and family. But one thing you might not be lookin...
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Is it safe to use baby powder?

After finishing your lunch, you go to put your little one down for their afternoon nap. However, they soon begin crying their eyes out, which likely means that they need their nappy changing.Holding them close, you head into their bedroom, lay them down on the changing table and pause for a moment t...
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What is 'colic'?

What is colic?You've had a tricky few days. Your baby has been crying pretty much non-stop, but so far as you can tell, there's nothing wrong with them! They've had plenty of milk, their nappy doesn't need changing, you've tried burping them and giving them their dummy, but so far you've had zero lu...
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