Do babies dream?

As you watch your tiny tot sleeping, you notice that they keep breaking into adorable little smiles. And you wonder, could it be that they're dreaming wonderful dreams of cuddly toys and bottles of milk? Or is their smiling simply a reflex? Well, let's find out!Does my baby dream?When it comes to ba...
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When will my baby smile?

You've been overhearing many parents you know gushing with joy about seeing their baby smiling for the first time. Their babies are the same age as yours, but your baby hasn't shown you even an inkling of their first gummy grin just yet. An impatience washes over you and you find yourself starting t...
4 mins read

What to do if my baby has a cold?

Your little one has always been one of the most bubbly, excitable little babies you've ever known. She's always smiling, laughing, and in general wanting to be involved in everything going on around her. But over the last few days, you've noticed that she hasn't quite been herself. She's been quiet,...
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