How do food and drink affect my child’s teeth?

How do food and drink affect my child's teeth?It is often said that a smile says a thousand words, and it may well be true. Whether it's a toothy grin or even a cheeky smirk, there's nothing better than seeing your little one smile! And a smile begins with the teeth, so what could be more important ...
5 mins read

Can my child have sweeteners and sugar alternatives?

As parents, we hear the word sugar and immediately picture the sugar-coated sweets and fizzing drinks that we all know cause problems for little, growing teeth. But the fact is, kids need calories to grow big and strong, and sugars to provide the energy they need to keep on playing, running and danc...
3 mins read

What do I need to know about juice and other fruit drinks for my child?

After they've spent the morning playing in the park or dancing about in the living room, there's nothing more delicious and thirst-quenching for your child than a glass of fresh juice! From apple to orange, cranberry to mango - children and adults just love the sweet and refreshing taste of fruity d...
4 mins read